The Fruit of the Tree

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The Fruit of The Tree is the third work created by Edith Wharton. It is perhaps the most controversial and misunderstood book of hers over which there have been a number of disputes and discussions. I


n this novel Edith Wharton rises difficult and controversial topics such as labor reform and the right for euthanasia, marriage and its place in our life. Thus, it was often criticized and even not published for about a century but in fact the book was never forgotten. This edition is a wonderful chance for readers to rediscover the beauty and power of this novel, the wonderfully composed plot and the intelligence of the arguments supporting this or that thesis. Besides, The Fruit of the Tree depicts social life of its epoch, meaning American society as it was a century ago. Here we meet a young nurse, very charming and witty who attracts an intelligent young doctor who is struggling with injustice in the medical system that is not intended for the poor. Although the nurse really likes the doctor and his desire to change something in this world for the better, she is influenced by her rich friend who is very skeptical about doctor's future and success. Eventually she marries the doctor herself but their marriage brings both of them only stress and sadness. At the same time the doctor realizes that the nurse still loves him. He gets a divorce but his ex-wife gets into an accident and breaks spine. Being bedridden and experiencing terrible pain and moreover, realizing that she will not be able to walk again, she wants to be killed. Despite the doctor's support for euthanasia, he does not have the courage to do this. The nurse does it and everyone suspects her in simply killing her rival. As we see, the plot of the novel is strained and interesting and definitely is worth diving into it.

The Fruit of the Tree
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