The Garden And Its Accessories

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S THERE are many interesting varieties of arbors suitable for gardens. Pergolas, trellises, bowers, or arches over pathways are all near enough in appearance and purpose to be called " arbors." The word " pergola " has lately been revised to include many such semi-architectural features, ? features that add variety and charm to a garden by making an attractive support for flowering vines and climbers, and by thus covering walks and pathways and making shady and airy tunnels. One might hardly be expected to distinguish between an arbor and a pergola, unless it may be said the former has always been considered as a summer- A Typical Italian Pergola house having a pointed domed roof of rafters with open spaces between, whereas the pergola is made up of a series of columns or piers in a row, and is flat on top, with beams or poles interlaced overhead. Pergola is an Italian word that was once given to a variety of grape that grew in Italy. Gradually this word was used to distinguish the arbor upon which the grape was grown, until the use of both grape and arbor became so universal that the term was applied to any covered way, whether or not it was clothed with the vines of this particular grape. The writer can recall many country places where arbors of the pergola type have been misused in such a manner as to disgust any person who has a knowledge of the fitness of things. The " Colonial arbor in a Salem garden " is a type that was very common in the old gardens of small Xew England cities and towns, and it is a happy combination of Colonial Arbor in a Salem Garden a covered way and resting plaee, ? a sort of cross between a summer-house and a pergola. What a refreshing sense of comfort these vine-covered structures gave to the little bac...

The Garden And Its Accessories
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