The Girl Scouts At Sea Crest

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Lilian C. Garis, nee McNamara (1873-1954) was an American author who wrote hundreds of books of juvenile fiction between around 1915 and the early 1940's. Prior to this, she was a reporter for the New


ark Evening News in New Jersey. For the Stratemeyer Syndicate she wrote under the pseudonym Margaret Penrose and Laura Lee Hope, with her works including some of the earliest books in the Bobbsey Twins series as well as the Dorothy Dale series. But Mrs. Garis also wrote some books under her own name. Amongst her works are Gloria (1923), Gloria at Boarding School (1923), Joan, Just Girl (1924), Joan's Garden of Adventure (1924), Barbara Hale, A Doctor's Daughter (1926) and Barbara Hale and Cozette (1926).

The Girl Scouts At Sea Crest
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