The Golden Woman

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ARIAH JOAN suddenly threw up her head. There was resentment in the violet depths of her eyes, and her whole expression had hardened. It was as though something D her youth, her softness, had passed from her. " You must tell me, auntie," she demanded in a tone as cold as the other's. " I?I don't understand. But I mean to. You accuse me with the responsibility of?this. Of responsibility for all that has happened to those others. You tell me I am cursed. It is all too much?or too little. Now I demand to know that which you know?all that there is to know. It is my right. I never knew my father or mother, and you have told me little enough of them. Well, I insist that you shall tell me the right by which you dare to say such things to me. I know you are cruel, that you have no sympathy for any one but?yourself. I know that you grudge the world every moment of happiness that life contains. Well, all this I try to account for by crediting you with having passed through troubles of which I have no knowledge. But it does not give you the right to charge me with the things you do. You shall tell me now the reason of your accusations, or I will leave this home forever, and will never, of my own free will, set eyes on you again." Mercy's thin lips parted into a half-smile. " And I intend that you shall know these things," she replied promptly. " You shall know them from my lips.Nor has any one more right to the telling than I." The smile died abruptly, leaving her burning eyes shining in an icy setting. " I am cruel, eh? " she went on intensely. " Cruel because I have refused to bend beneath the injustice of my fellows and the persecutions of Fate. Cruel because I meet the world in the spirit in which it has received me. Why should I have sympathy ? The world h...

The Golden Woman
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