The Harbor Master

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George Edward Theodore Goodridge Roberts (1877- 1953), who also wrote as G. E. Theodore Roberts, was a Canadian Journalist, author, war correspondent, traveller and poet. During World War I he served


in the Canadian army in England and France. He founded his two magazines: The Newfoundland Magazine (1900) and The Kit-Bag (1902). His works include: The House of Isstens (1900), Hemming: The Adventurer (1904), Brothers of Peril: A Story of Old Newfoundland (1905), The Red Feathers (1907), Captain Love (1908), Flying Plover: His Stories, Told Him by Squat-by-the-Fire (1909), A Cavalier of Virginia (1910), A Captain of Raleigh's (1911), The Harbor Master (1911), Rayton: A Backwoods Mystery (1912), Two Shall Be Born (1913), Jess of the River (1914), In the High Woods (1916), Forest Fugitives (1917), The Islands of Adventure (1918), Moonshine (1919), The Lure of Piper's Glen (1921), The Fighting Starkleys; or, The Test of Courage (1922), Musket House (1923), Green Timber Thoroughbreds (1924), Seven Poems (1925), The Lost Shipmate (1926) and The Leather Bottle (1934).

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