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omewhat restless night after her small scene with her cousin, waking depressed and unrefreshed. Though she had carried matters with so high a hand, and had scored so distinctly all around, she had been more agitated than she had cared to show. She liked Enguerrand; and more especially did she like his admiration for her; and that chance allusion to Clairette contained possibilities that were alarming. In embracing a professional career, she had never thought for a moment that it could militate against that due share of admiration to which, as a girl, she was justly entitled; and Enguer- rand's views seemed this morning all the more narrow and inexcusable. She rose languidly, and as soon as she was dressed sent off a little note to the Mayor, saying that she had a nervous headache and felt out of sorts, and begging to be excused from attendance on that day; and the missive reached the Mayor just as he was taking his usual place at the head of the Board. " Dear, dear!" said the kind-hearted old man, as soon as he had read the letter to his fellow-councilmen: " I 'm very sorry. Poor girl! Here, one of you fellows, just run round and tell the gaoler there won't be any business to-day. Jeanne's seedy. It's put off till to-morrow. And now, gentlemen, the agenda " "Really, your worship," exploded Robinet, " this is simply ridiculous! " " Upon my word, Robinet," said the Mayor, " I don't know what's the matter with you. Here's a poor girl unwell, -- and a more hardworking girl is n't in the town, -- and instead of sympathising with her, and saying you 're sorry, you call it ridiculous! Suppose you had a headache yourself! You would n't like " " But it is ridiculous," maintained the tanner, stoutly. " Who ever heard of an executioner having a nervou...

The Headswoman
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