The Helpmate

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May Sinclair was the pseudonym of Mary Amelia St. Clair (1863 - 1946). Sinclair was a British writer who wrote short stories, novels and poems. As a literary critic she coined the term "stream of cons


ciousness". She wrote nonfiction based on studies of philosophy and German idealism. Some of her works include he Romantic (1920), Mr. Waddington of Wyck (1921), Anne Severn and the Fieldings (1922) and Life and Death of Harriett Frean (1922). The theme in The Helpmate is that a narrow minded "good" woman though well intentioned can be the moral downfall of a man. Anne married Walter believing he is good. Walter has had an on going affair with Lady Cagley and Walter's sister threatens to tell Anne. The sister does not tell Anne, but Anne overhears gossip on her honeymoon about the affair.

The Helpmate
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