The Hilltop Boys On Lost Island

Cover of book The Hilltop Boys On Lost Island
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Cecil Burleigh (1850-1921) was an American writer of sea stories, railroad adventures, comic stories and historical fiction for Frank Tousey publications. After the deaths of George G. Small and Edwar


d E. Ten Eyck in 1886, Burleigh continued their comic stories using their original pseudonyms until 1910. He also wrote his stories under many pseudonyms such as: Albert J. Booth, Caleb Burt, Kit Clyde, Capt. Will Dayton, Cyril Burleigh and others. He published his stories in Boys of New York, the Five Cent Comic Library, Golden Weekly, Happy Days, Liberty Boys of '76, Snaps and Young Men of America. His works include: The Hilltop Boys: A Story of School Life (1917), The Hilltop Boys in Camp (1917), The Hilltop Boys on Lost Island (1917) and The Hilltop Boys on the River (1917).

The Hilltop Boys On Lost Island
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