The History of Mary Prince

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Mary Prince was a Bermudian woman born into slavery in Brackish Pond. When she was 12, she was sold to Captain John Ingham. After several times being sold and bought she finally married Daniel James,


a former slave who had bought his freedom and worked as a carpenter and cooper. This book describes in details the reality of the slave experience: the dehumanization of Black people, the moral degradation of their masters, and the ever-present violence. Prince's story is also an important early defense of the humanity of people of African descent. She notes that slave masters "think that black people are like cattle, without natural affection. But my heart tells me it is far otherwise". Prince tells about her labor in the salt ponds of Turk's Island, her conflict with a hired mulatto woman, her spiritual life in the Moravian Church, and many other topics. And finally celebrates the desire and hope for freedom: "All slaves want to be free".

The History of Mary Prince
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