The Inn of Dreams

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Olive Eleanor Custance (1874-1944) was a British poet. She was part of the aesthetic movement of the 1890s, and a contributor to The Yellow Book. She was born the only daughter and heiress of Colonel


Frederick Custance, who was a wealthy and distinguished soldier in the British army. In 1902, she eloped and married Lord Alfred Douglas. A year later They had one child, however, the marriage was stormy, after Douglas became a Catholic in 1911. They separated in 1913, lived together for a time in the 1920s after Olive also converted, and then lived apart after she gave up Catholicism. Their son, Raymond, showed signs of instability in his youth. For a time he served in the army, but was often confined to mental institutions for long periods. This further strained the marriage, which by the end of the 1920's was all but over. Her works include: Opals (1897), Rainbows (1902), The Blue Bird (1905) and The Inn of Dreams (1911). --This text refers to an alternate Paperback edition.

The Inn of Dreams
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