The Jolly Corner

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Henry James (1843 - 1916) is one of the most bright representatives of the school of realism in literature. In his remarkable novels he focused on the meeting of America with Europe. Known as a creato


r of masterpieces in the genres of novel and novella, James devoted his works to people's private life and the role of love in it. His characters are always bright, very lively and easy to remember. The Jolly Corner is one of his most wonderful books. It was published in 1908 for the first time and immediately earned readers' attention and love. The main character Spencer Brydon comes back to the house in New York where he spent his childhood and searches it. And he discovers something special, a real surprise he did not expect. Brydon suspects that his second self is hiding in the house that Brydon calls the Jolly Corner. He supposes that this ghost might be a reflection of the person he might have become but unfortunately has not. And he still does not know how many mysteries are still ahead...

The Jolly Corner
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