The Last Olympian

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Percy and his friends try to protect Mount Olympus from the impending doubt of Kronos in awful fight. With many surprises and challenges, Kronos drives the protectors of Olympus to the doors of the


Empire State Building. He continues to Mt. Olympus, destroying many of the structures there.

The Last Olympian
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Guest 3 months ago

how ever made this book please make it a little bit bigger and can you tell us what happened before that please ty but it was i really good book

Guest 2 months ago

u know u said [it was i really good book]...right?
but if u ment to that's fine...i geuse.
p.s u said ty it's try. just in case

Guest 5 months ago

i have wasted my time reading this piece of shit for no bloody reason. you could have not written a worse

Guest 4 months ago

Ok when Dionysus was cursing to Blinky from the Pac-man game he said, “Go to the crows” in Ancient Greek

Guest 5 months ago

Don't swear! Personally, I LOVE this book but the font is too small and there NEEDS to be page numbers!

Guest 6 months ago

ur gay

Guest 5 months ago

We need to know the page numbers! I lost my book and need it for a project and I need page numbers for my project! This online book sucks!

Guest 5 months ago


Guest 7 months ago

I like Dildos!!!

Guest 5 months ago

percy and annabeth,CUTEST COUPLE EVER

Guest 6 months ago

I luv this book

Guest 8 months ago

I love this series sooo much it is fun and thrilling tonread you almost feel pike your apart of the quests . ITS AMAZING .
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