The Lions Mouse

Cover of book The Lions Mouse
The Lions Mouse
C N Charles Norris Williamson
Categories: Nonfiction

Charles Norris Williamson wrote many of his book in cooperation with his wife Alice Muriel Williamson. “The lion’s mouse” is one of their most famous works. Excerpt from the book: “Roger Sands had ste


el-gray eyes, a straight black line of brows drawn low and nearly meeting above them, thick black hair lightly powdered with silver at the temples, and a clean-shaven, aggressive chin. He had the air of being hard as nails. Most people, including women, thought him hard as nails. He thought it of himself, and gloried in his armour, never more than on a certain September day, when resting in the Santa Fe Limited, tearing back to New York after a giant’s tussle in California. But—it was hot weather, and he had left the stateroom door open. Everything that followed came—from this”.

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