The Lost Child

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Large Print. Henry Kingsley (1830-1876) was an English novelist, brother of the better known Charles Kingsley. Henry Kingsley's boyhood was spent at Clovelly and Chelsea, before attending King's Colle


ge London, and Worcester College, Oxford, which he left without graduating. An opportune legacy from a relation enabled him to leave Oxford free of debt and emigrate to Australia, arriving at Melbourne in the Gauntlet in 1853. He became involved in gold-digging, and later joined the mounted police. On his return to the UK in 1858 he devoted himself to literature, and wrote several well-regarded novels, including: Geoffrey Hamlyn (1859), set in Colebrooke, Devon, and Australia, The Hillyars and the Burtons (1865), Ravenshoe (1861), and Austin Elliot (1863). Ravenshoe is generally regarded as the best. In 1869, he went to Edinburgh to edit the Daily Review, but he soon gave this up, and in 1870 became war correspondent for the paper during the Franco-German War. Kingsley also published Leighton Court (1866), Mademoiselle Mathilde (1868), Tales of Old Travel Re-Narrated (1869), Stretton (1869), The Boy in Grey (1871) ), Hetty and Other Stories (1871) and Old Margaret (1871).

The Lost Child
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