The Love Affairs of An Old Maid

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Lilian (Lida) Bell, Mrs Bogue (1867-1929) was an American writer. She authored many books among which are: Love Affairs of an Old Maid (1893), A Little Sister to the Wilderness (1895), The Under Side


of Things (1896), From a Girl's Point of View (1897), As Seen by Me (1898), The Expatriates (1900), Sir John and the American Girl (1901), Abroad with the Jimmies (1902), Hope Loring (1903), The Interference of Patricia (1904), At Home with the Jardines (1902), Carolina Lee (1907), The Concentrations of Bee (1908), Angela's Quest (1909), The Runaway Equator (1911), The Story of the Christmas Ship (1915), About Miss Mattie Morningglory (1916), and The Land of Dont-Want-To (1916).

The Love Affairs of An Old Maid
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