The Mason-Bees

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The Mason-Bees belongs to the pen of a teacher of chemistry and physics Jean Henri Fabre whose whole life was devoted to the research of insects, especially bees, and was published for the first time


in 1925. Among some other books of his it is possible to name the following: The life of the caterpillar, The life of the Spider, Animal life in field and Garden, Life of the fly and The Insect world. The main character of The Mason-Bees is an ordinary teacher who takes his students out for a field experiment to study bees. Students show a great and sincere interest in bees and this inspires the main character to do more research concerning bees including observations and experiments. And all other sections of the book are devoted to these observations and notices. The book is a must have for those readers who are interested in insects and particularly in bees.

The Mason-Bees
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