The Mermaid

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Lily Dougall (1858-1932) was a Canadian author who wrote Beggars All (1891), What Necessity Knows (1893), The Zeit-Geist (1895), A Question of Faith (1895), The Mermaid: A Love Tale (1895), The Madonn


a of a Day (1895), A Dozen Ways of Love (1897), The Mormon Prophet (1899), Young Love (1904), Absente Reo (1910), Voluntas Dei (1912), The Practice of Christianity (1913), Arcades Ambo (w Gilbert Sheldon) (1919), The Lord of Thought (1922), The Christian Doctrine of Health (1923), and God's Way with Man (1924). --This text refers to the Paperback edition.

The Mermaid
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