The Museum of Innocence

Cover of book The Museum of Innocence
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It is a novel of love. Real eastern love between Kemal, who is offshoot of one of the powers families in city and Sibel, from another great family. At one time his cousins violate the code of virginit


y, a rift begins to open between Kemal and the world of the Westernized Istanbul bourgeosie—a world, as he lovingly describes it, with opulent parties and clubs, society gossip, restaurant rituals, picnics, and mansions on the Bosphorus, infused with the melancholy of decay—until finally he breaks off his engagement to Sibel. But his resolve comes too late

The Museum of Innocence
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Guest 2 months ago

My favourite book of all time. I carried this with me everywhere. I can't describe why. It is very compelling. Don't read the reviews and take one page at a time.

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