The Mystery of a Turkish Bath

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Eliza Margaret Jane Gollan, Mrs. Von Booth later Mrs. Humphreys (1856-1938), was a prolific British author who wrote over 70 novels under the pseudonym Rita. Her works include: Vivienne (1877), Like D


ian's Kiss (1878), Countess Daphne (1880), My Lady Coquette (1881), Faustine (1882), After Long Grief and Pain (1883), My Two Bad Blue Eyes (1884), Corinna (1885), Gretchen (1887), The Mystery of a Turkish Bath (1888), Sheba: A Study of Girlhood (1889), Miss Kate; or, Confessions of a Caretaker (1889), The Doctor's Secret (1890), A Society Scandal (1890), The Man in Possession (1893), The Ending of My Day (1894), Master Wilberforce: A Study of a Boy (1895), Vignettes (1896), Good Mrs. Hypocrite (1897), Petticoat Loose (1898), Adrienne: A Romance of French Life (1898), An Old Rogue's Tragedy (1899), Vanity: The Confessions of a Court Modiste (1900), The Sin of Jasper Standish (1901), The Lie Circumspect (1902), The Jesters (1903), The Masqueraders (1904), Queer Lady Judas (1905), Saba Macdonald (1906), A Man of No Importance (1907), The Pointing Finger (1907), The Millionaire Girl and Other Stories (1908), The House Called Hurrish (1909), That is to Say - (1910), America: Through English Eyes (1911), Only an Actress (1911), The House Opposite (1912), Diana of the Ephesians (1919), The Make-Believers (1920), 'When the Wicked Man' and Other Stories (1920) and her autobiography Recollections of a Literary Life (1936).

The Mystery of a Turkish Bath
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