The Nibelungen Lied Or Lay of the Last Nibelungers

Cover of book The Nibelungen Lied Or Lay of the Last Nibelungers
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a knight ? but soon a crown must press upon my brow! 'Hence I would have that you admit, and publicly avow, ' That I with valid right possess ? the people and the land. ' ? My honour and my head are staked on prowess of my hand. 47. , 109 'If you have daring ? as 'tis said by widely spread report,? ' Then, without leave or counselling of any one, or court, 'I'll wrest from you in mortal fight?all that you've made your own: ' ? Your lands and burghs must subject be ? to me, and me alone.' 48. 118 The chief of Metz, brave Ortewin?now loudly called for swords, He ? Tronyie Hagen's sister's son?was more for deed than words: ? That Hagen so long silent was, astounded Ortewin. ? Brave Gernot thought it time to soothe ? and thus he did begin. 49. 119 Addressing him of Metz, he said: 'thy violence suppress! 'Such shall not royal Siegefried receive through wantonness: 'We yet may part on kindly terms, with proper courtesy. ' ? Twere better he remained our friend ? than leave with enmity.' 50. 120 Then did the stalwart Hagen say: 'sooth pain to me has flowed, 'Eke to your band of gallant knights?that he to Rhine has rode 'Evil to breed, and strife to stir: ? unwise is such assay: 'Our liege lords have not treated him ?in rude unseemly way!' 51. 121 Sir Siegefried?the valiant knight, to Hagen then replied: 'If what I've said displeases so, sir Hagen's lofty pride, 'Then will I give e'en him to know ?how that these hands of mine 'Are ready agents to effect ? great doings on the Rhine!' 52. 123 'Unseemly were hostilities!' said Gernot calmingly: "Twould bring sure death to many a knight, of well tried bravery; 'Causing to us but little fame ? to you small gain I ween!' ? Stout Siegefried ? ki...

The Nibelungen Lied Or Lay of the Last Nibelungers
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