The Origin And Deeds of the Goths

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“The Origin and Deeds of the Goths” appears a research work of great scope and significance. This volume is the result of studying of a sixteenth century Roman bureaucrat Jordanes’ work, which origina


lly was entitled “Getica”. It is one of the largest works of literature of the early European Middle Ages. Jordanes devoted it to the history of Goths: he presented their life, beginning with the time when they left Scandinavia and disembarked near the mouth of Vistula, then moved further to Black Sea, and westward to Italy and Spain. The history of Goths, who formed a state of Visigoths and Ostrogoths in the fifth century, is followed by the author till his times. He finished this work in 551. Not being a distinguished writer, he managed to represent a magnificent picture of “migration of peoples” during IV-VI centuries: he described movements of tribes from the east and north and their struggle with the empire near its Danubian borders, in Balkan and western provinces; he provided valuable and unique descriptions and reported in detail one or another historical events; he gave an account of forming of early barbarian states and an opportunity to see the specific relations between newcomers and weakening Rome.

The Origin And Deeds of the Goths
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