The Paliser Case

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Edgar Evertson Saltus (1855-1921), was an American writer known for his highly refined prose style. His works paralleled those by European decadent authors such as Huysmans and Wilde. Saltus wrote two


books of philosophy, The Philosophy of Disenchantment and The Anatomy of Negation. Acclaimed by fellow writers in his day, Saltus fell into obscurity after his death, and his works have yet to have a revival. His short story The Paliser Case was adapted to film in 1920, and his novel Daughters of the Rich was filmed in 1923. Amongst his works are Mr. Incoul's Misadventure (1887), The Truth About Tristrem Varick (1888), Love and Lore (1890), Imperial Purple (1892), Purple and Fine Women (1903), The Pomps of Satan (1904), Vanity Square (1906), The Lords of the Ghostland (1907) and The Gates of Life (1919).

The Paliser Case
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