The Parables Read in the Light of the Present Day

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E TEN VIRGINS. " Then shall tht kingdom of heaven bt likened unto ten virgins, which took their lamps, and went forth to meet the bridegroom," tyc. fyc.?Matthew xxv. 1-13. HPHIS parable is founded on a marriage scene. Though ?as, for example, in wars, or in the Corinthian games?the Scriptures are not to be regarded as approv- ing of all things which they may employ as figures, approbation and honour are bestowed on marriage by the lofty uses to which the sacred writers turn it. With prophets and apostles it shadows forth the holy, intimate, eternal union which is formed between God's beloved Son and his chosen people. Those who feel a Christian interest in the purity and happiness of society, will not regard that as a circumstance of no value. Such discredit as the Popish Church throws on marriage, by representing it as less holy and honourable than celibacy, and such impediments as pride and ambition throw in its way, should be denounced by those who, as Christian ministers, ought tobe Christian moralists,?preaching to the times. One of their most evil features is the false standard of income and position which it is considered proper they who intend to marry should in the first place secure. This has led to the bitterest disappofntments ; to breach of vows ; to broken hearts,?besides being the fruitful source of much crime, and furnishing the licentious with an apology for their immoralities. On this altar, human happiness, as well as the best interests of morality, are offered up in cruel sacrifice. "A man's life," as Scripture saith, "consisteth not in the abundance of the things which he possesseth,? a dinner of herbs where love is, is better than a stalled ox, and hatred therewith." The institution which forms the basis of this parable is one ...

The Parables Read in the Light of the Present Day
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