The Path to Honour

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Hilda Caroline Gregg (1868-1933), who also wrote under the pseudonym Sydney Carlyon Grier, was the British author of: In Furthest Ind: The Narrative of Mr. Edward Carlyon (1894), His Excellency's Engl


ish Governess (1896), An Uncrowned King: A Romance of High Politics (1896), Peace With Honour (1897), A Crowned Queen: The Romance of a Minister of State (1898), Like Another Helen (1899), The Kings of the East: A Romance of the Near Future (1900), The Warden of the Marches (1901), Prince of the Captivity: The Epilogue to a Romance (1902), The Advanced- Guard (1903), On the Winning Side (1904), The Great Proconsul: The Memoirs of Mrs. Hester Ward (1904), For Triumph or Truth?: A Tale of Thrilling Adventure (1904), The Heir (1906), The Power of the Keys (1907), The Heritage (1908), The Path to Honour (1909), A Young Man Married (1909), The Prize (1910), The Keepers of the Gate (1911), One Crowded Hour (1912), Writ in Water (1913), A Royal Marriage (1914), The Rearguard (1915), England Hath Need of Thee (1916) and The Kingdom of Waste Lands (1917).

The Path to Honour
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