The Pirate 3

Cover of book The Pirate 3
The Pirate 3
Scott, Walter, Sir, 1771-1832
Categories: Nonfiction

First edition, first issue Copy 2 has the following points (cf Todd and Bowden): v.1, gathering a in state "a" (page iv, line 5 begins "it"), leaf D8 is a cancel (page 64 lacks press figure and has a


comma after 'day' on line 8), leaf X1 is in setting "c" (heavy dash in line 20)--v.2: pages 16-17 in state "2" (leaf B1 is a cancel)--v.3: leaf Z1 in setting marked by a lack of period in the heading on p. 345 Book label (copy 2): John Gallagher, East Bank, Heaton Norris Todd & Bowden. Scott Copy 2 from the library of O.E. and Mary Maple Jones

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