The Pirates of the Prairies

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This book was written by a Frenchman who actually lived in the desert South West, probably in the 1850's. Although a work of fiction, it depicts how the hunters, trappers, Indians, scalp hunters, and


scoundrels conducted thenselves at that time of our history. This book is a sequell to "The Trail Hunter" by the same author and takes place largely in and around Santa Fe, New Mexico when this area and Texas was still ruled by Mexico. There is a third book by this author, " The Trappers Daughter", that completes the Trilogy. This story is a continuation of the effort to catch the scoundrel Red Cedar and return Dona Clara to her father. There are some new characters introduced, both good and bad, and some very discriptive accounts of fights with Apaches and Comanches and what these Indians do to some captives.This, I believe, is because in his third book the author states that an incident actually happened. These books were first written in French, but, shortly due to their popularity in Europe were translated into english for the market in England. Then published here in the US starting about 1860-1863. A little about the Author: Gustave Aimard (1818-1883) was a French novelist who specialized in adventure novels set in exotic locations, especially in the Old West. He was born Oliver Gloux in Paris and he went to sea at 12 years old. After several years spent among the Indian tribes in the U.S. he traveled to other places such as Mexico, Spain, and Turkey. When he returned to France he started writing novels using the pen name Aimard. He was involved in the Revolution of 1848 then emigrated to South America until after Napoleon III’s coup d’etat when he moved back to France. He then led a group of volunteers in the Franco-Prussian War. He died in Paris, insane, on June 20 1883.

The Pirates of the Prairies
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