The Plastic Age

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This book was published in 1924 and instantly became a best seller. Additionally in 80’s the book was edited by Cassil and discussed all the problems and issues of the society rised in the book. It ha


s lots of reasons because of which one should read this story.
Firstly it describes the life of students of the high educational establishments. In those times it wasn’t so widespread to enter colleges or institutes or universities, because not everyone actually did that. So, it is quite interesting. Secondly, for those who are interested in 1920’s it would be curious to meet the epoch and know some peculiarities of that time. Thirdly, the customs and the stereotypes of bad, good professors, students and on the whole the types of people who exist there depicted in a rather peculiar manner. So, there are just 3 reasons yet. There are a lot of them yet. For seeking the others one is strongly recommended to read it.

The Plastic Age
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