The Privet Hedge

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Annie Edith Foster (1868-1931), who also wrote under the pseudonym J. E. Buckrose, was the British author of: The Art of Living (1903), The Wood End (1906), The Toll Bar (1907), Voices (1908), The Wol


f (1908), A Little Green World (1909), The Pilgrimage of A Fool (1911), Love in A Little Town (1911), Down Our Street: A Provincial Comedy (1911), The Browns (1912), A Bachelor's Comedy (1912), Because of Jane (1913), The Round-About (1916), The Gossip Shop (1917), The Silent Legion (1918), Young Hearts (1920), The Privet Hedge (1921), A Knight Among Ladies (1922), The House With the Green Windows (1922), An Ordinary Couple (1923), What I Have Gathered (1924) and The Single Heart (1924).

The Privet Hedge
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