The Red Horizon

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RENCH BILLETS The fog is white on Glenties moors, The road is grey from Glenties town, Oh! lone grey road and ghost white fog, And ah! the homely moors of brown. THE farmhouse where we were billeted reminded me strongly of my home in Donegal with its fields and dusky evenings and its spirit of brooding quiet. Nothing will persuade me, except perhaps the Censor, that it is not the home of Marie Claire, it so fits in with the description in her book. The farmhouse stands about a hundred yards away from the main road, with a cart track, slushy and muddy, running across the fields to the very door. The whole aspect of the place is forbidding, it looks squalid and dilapidated, and smells of decaying vegetable matter, of manure and every other filth that can find a resting place in the vicinity of an unclean dwelling-place. But it is not dirty; its home-made bread and beer are excellent, the new-laid eggsare delightful for breakfast, the milk and butter, fresh and pure, are dainties that an epicure might rave about. We easily became accustomed to the discomforts of the place, to the midden in the centre of the yard, to the lean long-eared pigs that try to gobble up everything that comes within their reach, to the hens that flutter over our beds and shake the dust of ages from the barn-roof at dawn, to the noisy little children with the dirty faces and meddling fingers, who poke their hands into our haversacks, to the farm servants who inspect all our belongings when we are out on parade, and even, now, we have become accustomed to the very rats that scurry through the barn at midnight and gnaw at our equipment and devour our rations when they get hold of them. One night a rat bit a man's nose?but the tale is a long one and I will tell it at some other...

The Red Horizon
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