The Safety Curtain, And Other Stories

Cover of book The Safety Curtain, And Other Stories
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In The Safety Curtain, a young woman is dancing on stage. She is the Dragon-Fly and people have come to see her dance. There is, however, a strange and stern man in the audience that is rather frighte


ning. And then the stage behind the Dragon-Fly is set on fire. Panic ensues and the Dragon-Fly is caught in the chaos. Fortunately, a man comes to her rescue and whisks her away to safety. But is this man as benevolent as he seems? Or does he have more sinister intentions for the Dragon-Fly? Other stories included in this collection are The Experiment, Those Who Wait, The Eleventh Hour, and The Place of Honor, all of which promise to be as spine-tingling and racy as only Ethel May Dell can write. Ethel May Dell is the author of the The Way of the Eagle, a novel that went through twenty-seven printings between 1911 and 1915.

The Safety Curtain, And Other Stories
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