The Silence

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David Bush wrote during the first half of the 20th century. His works include The Fundamentals of Applied Psychology", "Applied Psychology and Scientific Living", "Practical Psychology and Sex Life",


"The Universality of the Master Mind", and "Will Power and Success". David V. Bush has written this short text to explain that silence is where the life of God and the soul of man are brought together. Topics covered are: health silence; for harmony, peace, and comfort; thought to hold as a basis for this silence; abundance; health, success, prosperity, universal peace and brotherhood; how to have more. The book begins, ôWrong thinking produces inharmony in our body, which in turn produces sickness. Our bodies sometimes are instantly re-harmonized while in the Silence. In the Silence our minds become passive, open, free and loving, at which time the Infinite Master of harmony touches the mental chords of our being and we are well.ö

The Silence
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