The Simplicity of the Creation

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the solar system, and the whole universe, received the finishing touch, when the light, previously diffused, was absorbed, when the transparent veil, spread over and mildly shining upon awakening infant orbs, was drawn away and superceded by the radiating light of millions of suns bursting out upon the whole of creation ; but all would fade, wandering worlds would stand still again, if the resplendent bodies were extinguished with which the unfathomable firmament of heaven was thus ornamented and sprinkled all over; with a dissolution of the electric element, Creation Itself Would Again Return Into Chaos. Electricity, The First Element And Basis Of Creation?PriviLege Of Man To Explore The Depths And Mysteries Of Creation. ?Simplicity Of Theory Above Calculation.?The Universe Governed By Sy8temal Repulsion And By Solar And PlanetAry Attraction. Centres Of Systems.?Envelopes Of The Heavenly Bodies ; The Outer One Of The Earth, One Of Pure Hydrogen.?Comets Affected By The Solar Atmosphere.? Lexell's And Other Comets.?Fallacies Connected With The Old Theory Of Comets. Hydrogen The Reflector Of Light. The universe of creation, of which God Himself is the centre, whilst, at the same time, it reposes within Him, this universe of created things, limited within His infinite Godhead, He filled, as we have assumed, and as we shall see more particularly hereafter, with that subtle, imponderable, and elastic matter, which, as confirmed by all human researches and observations, of all substances occupies the first rank in the gradation of created elements ? electricity. As all throughout nature everything seems to consist of two kindred elements, so electricity exists in a twofold kind; it forms two genders, and these are known and distinguished as positive and ne...

The Simplicity of the Creation
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