The Song of the Flag

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Up with the country's flag!And let the winds caress it, fold on fold,—A stainless flag, and glorious to behold!It is our honour's pledge;It is the token of a truth sublime,A thing to die for, and to w


onder at,When, on the shuddering edgeOf some great storm, it waves its woven joy,[6] Which no man shall destroy,In shine or shower, in peace or battle-time.Up with the flag!The winds are wild to toss it, and to bragOf England's high renown,—And of the throne where Chivalry has satAcclaimed in bower and townFor England's high renown!—[7] And of these happy isles where men are freeAnd masters of the sea,The million-mouthëd sea,That calls to us from shore to furthest shore—That fought for us of yore,—The thunder-throated, foam-frequented seaThat sounds the psalm of Victory evermore!

The Song of the Flag
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