The Spoilers of the Valley

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Robert Watson (1882-1948) was a Canadian author. He was born and educated in Scotland then came to Canada in 1908. Watson was employed by the Hudson's Bay Company from 1917 to 1932, serving as editor


of The Beaver, among other duties. He wrote a number of books, including: My Brave and Gallant Gentleman: A Romance of British Columbia (1918), The Girl of O. K. Valley: A Romance of the Okanagan (1919), Stronger Than His Sea (1920), The Spoilers of the Valley (1921), The Mad Minstrel (1923), Gordon of the Lost Lagoon: A Romance of the Pacific Coast (1924), Canada's Fur- Bearers (1925), Me and Peter (1926), Lower Fort Garry: A History of the Stone Fort (1928), Famous Forts of Manitoba (1929), High Hazard: A Romance of the Far Arctic (1929), A Boy of the Great North-West (1930), Dreams of Fort Garry (1931), The Native Returns (1932) and When Christmas Came to Fort Garry (1935).

The Spoilers of the Valley
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