The Story of Sonny Sahib

Cover of book The Story of Sonny Sahib
The Story of Sonny Sahib
Sarah Jeanette Duncan
Categories: Fiction » Historical Fiction

Indian-Anglo children's book reprint, originally in serial form. Next morning the Maharajah was very much annoyed by the intelligence that all the little red-spotted fishes were floating flabby and fl


at and dead among the lily pads of the fountain--there were few things except Moti that the Maharajah loved better than his little red-spotted fishes. He wanted very particularly to know why they should have died in this unanimous and apparently preconcerted way. The gods had probably killed them by lightning, but the Maharajah wanted to know. So he sent for the Englishman, who did not mind touching a dead thing, and the Englishman told him that the little red-spotted fishes had undoubtedly been poisoned. Moti was listening when the doctor said this.

The Story of Sonny Sahib
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Guest 2 years ago

A good story marred by the explicitly ignorant and racist views.

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