The Two Americas

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lities; and the opportunity to raise a sincere voice of encouragement for an entente cordiale among them all, from the standpoint that these nations of common origin should strengthen their mutual relations and, in fraternal embrace, hasten the advent of that glorious future to which they are so manifestly entitled by their resources and their traditions. Yet, it is not alone by peaceful development within their borders, or by a wider recognition of the ties of sisterhood among themselves, that their legitimate aspirations will be fully realized. It is essential to the welfare of the entire continent that the same friendly intercourse and cordial relations should be established with the United States, so that all the countries of the western hemisphere may labor, side by side, to their collective and individual advantage and for the glorification of America as a whole. The doubts and suspicions prevailing in the south as to the policy and intentions of the United States toward the other Republics must disappear to make way for a true union of the two Americas; and it may be permitted to me, as one who has played a prominent part in the effort to secure the blessings of peace in some of the southern Republics, to point out what I regard as the primary causes of these doubts and suspicions and to indicate the course of action and the methods whereby they may be removed. When I commenced my tour through the Two Americas, it was my intention to visit all the countries forming the great South American Continent, including the States of Central America, from the Rio Grande to the Straits of Magellan, as well as those constituting the Archipelago of the Antilles. Owing to circumstances beyond my control, added to a breakdown in health, I was unable to fulfil the mi...

The Two Americas
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