The Unforgiving Offender

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Lorkaine, a scowl on his face and wrath in his heart, went slowly down into the cafe?never seeing whom he passed?and made his way to a secluded table in the darkest corner. For a time he sat staring at the wall?across his mental vision floated pictures of his courtship and his short married life?of the beautiful woman he had caressed and who had caressed him?whose arms had been around his neck?whose ruddy head had lain on his shoulder?whose lips he had kissed?whose form he had embraced in a fury of tenderness?of the woman who was his wife?who was his wife for yet a little time longer, until the Courts could cut the bond asunder. The uncertainty that had dominated him was ended. He knew his mind now?knew whether he loved her still or whether that love was turned to hate. Why had he not known sooner? Why had it taken him so long to realize it? Why had he vacillated like a pendulum?not sure of himself nor of his feelings? Why had he had any feeling for her since she had none for him? . . . He laughed?a little, bitter laugh?and turned his face deeper into the shadow. It was not pleasant to contemplate. It had been misery for him every day since that shameful one when he had found her gone?and waiting, dazed and unbelieving, had read the truth in the newspapers? the horrible, damning truth, that she had given herself to another man. And now?she had returned; flung aside by the man. Would he receive her! take her back! take someone's else leavings! a dishonored woman?lower than the hired ones who stand for pay, honest in their dishonor. Had she lost all idea of the fitness of things? Was she dead to every sense of shame that she should thus show herself at the Club?to all the mob?and flaunt her degradation before their very eyes?to their vast enj oyment ...

The Unforgiving Offender
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