The Vagabond And Other Poems From Punch

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Rudolph Chambers Lehmann (1856-1929), usually referred to as R. C. Lehmann, was an English writer and a major contributor to Punch. He had a varied career, being president of the Cambridge Union Socie


ty, a Liberal Party Member of Parliament for Harborough, editor of The Daily News and a playwright. His writings for Punch stretched over thirty years, from 1889 to 1919. He wrote verse, mostly light; and he tried his hand as a lyricist in such works as His Majesty, a comic opera in the Gilbert and Sullivan vein. He is sketched in A History of Punch by R. G. G. Price as indolent, but able to rouse to write a short piece, and as having given some of that character to the rest of the staff. Perhaps in keeping, he was considered an authority on rowing, about which he wrote a book. Other books were derived from Punch writing, such as The Vagabond and Other Poems from Punch (1918).

The Vagabond And Other Poems From Punch
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