The Visits of Elizabeth

Cover of book The Visits of Elizabeth
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Elinor Glyn does a fantastic job in creating such a witty and interesting book as The Visits of Elizabeth with a carrying away plot and bright characters. Besides, readers will find in the book a grea


t sense of humor and the story will definitely make you smile. The plot is formed around Elizabeth who was born in a noble family but her life is not very interesting or exciting as she lives with her widowed mother. And the only thing she can do to entertain herself is to visit her relatives who live in England and France. The Visits of Elizabeth is a collection of Elizabeth's letters written at the time when she was a guest at her relatives'. During such visits a lot of interesting and amusing things happen. She meets new people, some of them become her friends, some of them fall in love with Elizabeth. And no one knows what will happen after she gets tired of constant traveling and visits.

The Visits of Elizabeth
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