The Way of the Wild

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Frank/Francis (Henry) Atkins, Jr. (c1883-1921), who also wrote under the pseudonym Frank Aubrey and F. St. Mars, was the British author of Pinion and Paw (also titled The Way of the Wild) (1919). "If


his father had been a brown bear and his mother a badger, the result in outward appearance would have been Gulo, or something very much like him. But not all the crossing in the world could have accounted for his character; that came straight from the Devil, his master. Gulo, however, was not a cross. He was himself, Gulo, the wolverine, alias glutton, alias carcajou, alias quick-hatch, alias fjeldfras in the vernacular, or, officially, Gulo luscus. But, by whatever name you called him, he did not smell sweet; and his character, too, was of a bad odor. "

The Way of the Wild
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