The Whole Familiar Colloquies of Desiderius Erasmus of Rotterdam

Cover of book The Whole Familiar Colloquies of Desiderius Erasmus of Rotterdam
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gether. Sy. Indeed they have, sir. Ra. You say so, but the horses would tell me another tale if the)' could but speak, though indeed their leanness speaks loud enough. Sy. Indeed I take all the care in the world of them. Ra. How comes it about then that they do not look as well as you do ? Sy. Because I do not eat hay. Ma. You have this to do still; make ready my portmanteau quickly. Sy. It shall be done. THE SCHOOLMASTER'S ADMONITIONS. Sc/toolmaster and Soy. Sch. You seem not to have been bred at court, but in a cow- stall; you behave yourself so clownishly. A gentleman ought to behave himself like a gentleman. As often or whenever any one that is you-r superior speaks to you, stand straight, pull off your hat, and look neither doggedly, surlily, saucily, malapertly, nor unsettledly, but with a staid, modest, pleasant air in your countenance, and a bashful look fixed upon the person who speaks to you; your feet set close one by the other; your hands without action: don't stand titter totter, first standing upon one foot, and then upon another, nor playing with your fingers, biting your lip, scratching your head, or picking your ears. Let your clothes be put on tight and neat, that your whole dress, air, motion and habit, may bespeak a modest and bashful temper. Bo. What if I shall try, sir ? Ma. Do so. Bo. Is this right? Ma. Not quite. Ho. Must I do so ? Ma. That is pretty well. Bo. Must I stand so ? Ma. Ay, that is very well, remember that posture; don't be a prittle prattle, nor prate apace, nor be minding anything but what is said to you. If you are to make an answer, do it in few words, and to the purpose, every now and then prefacing with some title of respect, and sometimes use a title of honour, and now and then make a bow, especially when you ...

The Whole Familiar Colloquies of Desiderius Erasmus of Rotterdam
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