The Woman And the Right to Vote

Cover of book The Woman And the Right to Vote
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Rafael Palma (1874-1939) was a lawyer, journalist, historian, author and politician from the Philippines. His youngest brother, Jose, wrote Filipinas, which became the lyrics of the Lupang Hinirang, t


he Philippine national anthem. Rafael studied law at the University of Santo Tomas, but at the outbreak of the Philippine Revolution, he joined General Antonio Luna's newspaper, La Independencia. When this became too dangerous he worked on the daily El Nuevo Dia (The New Day) and then founded his own, El Rancimiento (The Rebirth). He was already a successful lawyer when in 1907 he was elected representative in the First Philippine Assembly. He was appointed member of the Philippine Commission in 1909, Senator in 1916, secretary of the interior, and was President of the University of the Philippines for 10 years (1923-1933).

The Woman And the Right to Vote
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