The Woman Who Dared

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Epes Sargent (1813-1880) was an American editor, poet and playwright. By 1831, he was working as an editor for the Boston Daily Advertiser. He then went to work editing the Boston Daily Atlas where he


also served as its Washington D. C. correspondent. In 1836, he wrote a fiveact play, The Bride of Genoa, and in 1837, he wrote the tragedy Velasco which was produced in several theatres in the United States and had moderate success in London. In 1839, he moved to New York where he was associated with a succession of newspapers and magazines. He published a biography on Henry Clay in 1842 and in 1843 started his own literary magazine, Sargent's New Monthly Magazine. In 1844 his collection The Light of the Lighthouse and Other Poems was published and then in 1845, he published his first novel, Fleetwood; or, The Stain of Birth. He developed a series of school books, The Standard Speaker and The Standard Reader, which were used in Boston schools for many years. In 1858 he started a children's monthly periodical, Sargent's School Monthly. Other works include: Planchette; or, The Despair of Science (1869) and The Proof Palpable of Immortality (1875).

The Woman Who Dared
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