The World's Best Poetry, volume 3

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Bliss Carman (1861-1929) was a preeminent Canadian poet. He was born William Bliss Carman in Fredericton, in the Eastern Canadian province of New Brunswick. He published under the name “Bliss Carman,


” although the “Bliss” is his mother’s surname. As with many Canadian poets, nature figures prominently as a theme in his work. In his time, he was arguably Canada’s best known poet, and was dubbed by some the “unofficial poet laureate of Canada. ” He moved to New York City and was influential as an editor and writer for the Independent, the Cosmopolitan, the Atlantic Monthly, the Chap Book and other literary journals. He is also well known for his anthology and editing work on The World’s Best Poetry (10 volumes, 1904) and The Oxford book of American Verse (1927). He is honoured with a school named after him in Toronto, Ontario. His works include: Flower of the Rose (1892), Saint Kavin (1894), Songs from Vagabondia (1894), At Michaelmas (1895), A Seamark (1895), Behind the Arras (1895), More Songs from Vagabondia (with Richard Hovey) (1896), The Girl in the Poster (1897) and Ballads of Lost Haven (1897).

The World's Best Poetry, volume 3
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