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et this be a warning to you," concluded the magistrate, "to behave in the future like respectable citizens, and not like young hooligans. You are discharged." The two young men buttoned their overcoats closely over their evening clothes, took their crush hats, and walked out of the dock and the court, amid a faint murmur, in part suggestive of applause, in part of dissent. They proceeded for some distance in silence. It was not until they had turned into the Strand and become conscious that the passers-by neither knew nor cared whence they had come, that their eyes met. Then one of them?the fat and burly one?burst out laughing; a genuine, hearty peal of boyish mirth. "Well, I don't see much to laugh at, Grahame," said his companion, who was not so tall but better built, albeit there was a lurking smile behind his own handsome features. "All's well that ends well," said Grahame. "Has it all ended well?" said the other. The smile was still hovering in his frank eyes. "I can't turn up at Chambers in dress clothes," he added, and the laugh came right out. "Of course you can't," replied his friend. "You'll have to go home and send a wire that you're ill or something. They'll get through a day all right without you, Heelas." "I can't do that." "Why not?" "Because I'm not ill," said Heelas; "uncommonly well, thank you." There was no priggish intention in his tone to reprove his friend. It was merely a frank statement of a fact. Nevertheless, Grahame wished he had not voiced the proposition. He covered that private sentiment, however, with a good-natured smile. "Then you must come to my rooms and borrow a change," he said. "That's the only thing I can suggest." He himself was reading for the army, and occupied a pair of comfortably-furn...

The Yoke
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