The Young Bank Messenger

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The story of a young bank messenger starts off with a bang. Before the caregiver of young Ernest dies, he tells the boy that he has, has been cheated of a large inheritance. A bit later circumstances


lead him to confront the deceitful relative. During the story Ernest has to face difficult choices and serious problems. Like many other fabulous stories written by Alger, honesty, hard work, education and persistence show the way to success. Written like a cliffhanger, each exciting chapter will not only instill great personal growth lessons, but a desire to read more and more! Alger wrote to instill the principle of Strive and Succeed, Personal Growth and Achievement-to attain the American dream. He inspired lots of young people to find their own way to success, and proved with his stories that hardwork and persistence are the right way to be successful.

The Young Bank Messenger
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