The Younger Edda

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Edda is the title of two of ancient Icelandic literature, the “Elder Edda” – a collection of narrative poems about gods and heroes, can by right be considered the main source of Scandinavian mythology


; and the “Younger Edda”, which ” represents the most complete picture of Scandinavian mythology, which became popular among all European nations. The “Younger Edda,” also known as Snorri's Edda, is considered to be a work of medieval Icelandic author Snorri Sturluson, and was written in 1222-1225 as a textbook of poetry. It consists of four parts and comprises a great number of quotations from ancient epic poems, which were based on the stories of the German and Scandinavian mythology. Many of these stories are known only owing to Edda.

The Younger Edda
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