Three Contributions to the Theory of Sex

Cover of book Three Contributions to the Theory of Sex
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This treatise includes major works of a Jewish-Austrian neurologist, the founder the psychoanalytic school of psychiatry, Sigmund Freud. He was the one who created an original system analyzing the hum


an mental life. This work demonstrates inseparability of our consciousness from the underlying standards of mental activity. The analysis of children’s neuroses appears to be of great interest here, since it faces educators with the problems out of the field of vision. The teaching about attractions, as well as principles of mental life regulation; inquiry into specific facts of every day life, connected with memory failures, etc. The volume is declared one of the best manuals on the theory of consulting throughout the world. It is reckoned on professional psychologists, educators, students and post-graduates of psychological specialities.

Three Contributions to the Theory of Sex
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