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Alfred Néoclès Hennequin (1842-1887) was a popular French dramatist, who sometimes wrote under the pseudonym Alfred Debrun. Born in Liege, Belgium, he worked on the railways and trams before turning t


o writing. He is most well known for one of his earliest plays, Les Trois Chapeaux (1871). He collaborated on a number of plays with Alfred Charlemagne Delacour, including the comedy Die Rosa-Dominos (also known as Les Dominos Roses) (in English: The Pink Dominoes) (1876), Poste Restante (1878) and Le Phoque (1878). His other works include: J’Attend à Mon Oncle (1869), Le Procès Veauradieux (1875), Bébé (in English: Baby) (with Émile de Najac) (1877), La Femme à Papa (with Albert Millaud) (1879), Ninetta (with Alexandre Bisson) (1883), Le Train de Plaisir (with Arnold Mortier and Albert de Saint Albin) (1884) and Nounou (with Émile de Najac) (1888).

Three Hats
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