Three Men On the Bummel

Cover of book Three Men On the Bummel
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This book might be considered the sequel to one of the most famous novels by Jerome K. Jerome Three Men in a Boat. This time the three friends cannot keep still again and want to go for a "bummel" as


they feel tired of routine and boring everyday life. The three men travel by tandem and bicycle to the Black Forest and come across an unknown and very surprising culture in which they get interested. During their trip George, Harris and Jerome get many lessons and learn a lot, for example, how to buy a cushion or take a bicycle off a train, not to get lost in the mountains and how to cross the road. The book is full of adventures and written with a wonderful sense of humor so you can expect a couple of days of smiling and laughter.

Three Men On the Bummel
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Guest a year ago

There's smn wrong with the book the right side of it is like cut off

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